Refund Request [Rules and engagement]

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Refund Request [Rules and engagement]

Post by Animax on Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:55 am


Refund Request Rules & Guidelines
Since we've implemented Refunds from your OLD Account to our Community, Please follow the Rules before posting a Request.

You are allowed to post a refund request if you have..
Proper & Complete screenshot of your character's information which are /stats, /mycookies, /mycoupons & /vstorage as well.

Items that CAN be refunded:
1.1 Level(Maximum level 10).
1.2 Money(Maximum of 100k).
1.3 Materials(Maximum of 20k).
1.4 Respect Points.
1.5 Playing Hours.
1.6 VIP Coupons(Maximum of 3).
1.7 Refferal Tokens.
1.8 Cars(Maximum of 1 Non-Rare Car).
1.9 Drugs(Crack & Pot, Maximum of 50)

Items that CANNOT be REFUNDED:
1.1 House
1.2 Business
1.3 Gang
1.4 Faction
1.5 Weapons
1.6 Job levels
1.7 Staff ranks
1.8 Cookies

If ever you're trying to proclaimed an account that isn't actually yours, You will not be given an opportunity to request another Refunds even though it is your true account.

Be patient because your Refund Request will be process within an hours, avoid asking in-game using /report, /w, /requesthelp, /newb and especially Private Messaging on Facebook. If you did, Your Refund request might fall to Disapproval.

You need to provide us proper, valid evidence otherwise we cannot help you and your request will be trashed. Types of evidence that you can use are screenshots with time stamps. These screenshots shall not be edited in any way, otherwise your report will be marked as invalid providing insufficient evidence.

As stated above, the screenshots are not to be edited, no questions asked. Even if it's just a little edit, the request will not move forward and will be trashed. Video recordings are allowed as well. No other types of evidence will be accepted!

Accepted/Denied - What happens next?
If your refund request has been processed and accepted then you will be refunded as soon as possible, an Admin will tell you on Forum PM, Facebook Message or In-Game. You're required to be online.

If you have been denied, then please do not post another request. The member of staff handling your request will post the reason for denying it. Please do not PM that member of staff to appeal the decision. No more complain.

The topic name required to be..
[Firstname Lastname of your OLD Account] Firstname Lastname

[center][b][size=24]REFUND REQUEST[/size][/b][/center]

[center]Before anything else, May I asked you If you agreed all the terms I said? [b][[color=#009900]YES[/color]/[color=#ff0000]NO[/color]]

[b]In-Game Name:[/b]

[b]Facebook Account:[/b]

[b]Screenshots(/stats /mycookies /vstorage /mycoupons): [/b]



Warm Regards,
Gerald Cule Empasis,
Los Santos Fire and Medical Department.
Head of Training & Recruitment Division (T&R)
Executive Admin,
Chief Animax,

"We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us
Fear us
Knowledge is Power!"


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