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Post by Apex on Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:27 pm


Gender: Male

Date of Birth: October 14 2000

Place of Birth:

All Saints Hospital

Current Address: Los Santos

Contact Number:9399



I'm Vince Apex I live in Los Santos fourteen years and I was in the Fire Department of San Andreas and help the needy and I am here to be a brave man to show me so I have to obey orders from you and so if a sacrifice for our country and protect. One day when I was driving an ambulance to San Andreas to save someone who needs my help I saw a man who shot a man I quickly set aside the ambulance and also helped the man who shot and I have come to the hospital and after that I also hurriedly went to the person who needs my help Here again I turned to look duty requires to become a savior of the people who occupied the San Andreas City and I have a strong instinct to determine if a person is bad or I was homeless but who patrols 24 hours I just see that the citizens of San Andreas is always safe, I want a proper job not illegal and I want to be a soldier for my authorities say that I am a soldier apparent lie to the night you went into the house so I got you in a safe place I look like a man with a dream to become a savior and I want to be a Police. I was one of those with talent and skill to fight the syndicate and become an honorable man with people. I am a legal person.

Skills and Experience:

I also have experience as a police in my own group or faction. This experience is part of a work as a heroic figure. Experience consequently I have found my skill It can help in my service as a person with much knowledge of the law and policy that must be observed by the citizens of San Andreas City, In this experience I learned a lot about strategy and movements to catch a criminal syndicate or they do not expect to happen this scenario. I am such a good job communicating or communicating shooting against the criminal so I'm pretty sure they do not catch me be shot any strategy to do.

Why I want to join the LSPD:

Because I was concerned and worried for our safety and the people of San Andreas and I want to see if they are happy with what they have and if they are now. I want to be a member of the Los Santos Police Department to help and to be a great hero to protect the interior of our country because it is the job of a Police Department to ensure nothing illegal going on with people. I want to apply for the suffering I see that each person has to reslove without their problems in life, so I wanted to be like helping another to accompany them to all problems.

Out of Character Section

Age: 15

Gender: Male



Other Accounts/Past Names:


Do you have Teamspeak installed?


Do you have a working Microphone?


Do you meet the requirements?



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Re: Application

Post by Michael S. on Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:23 pm

Application Denied
Dear Sir/Ma'am,

We regret to inform you that your Application has been denied for the following reasons.

Reason 1: Copy & Paste

We recommend you correct the mistakes and feel free to reapply after one week.

Chief of Police Michael Summers
Field Training Operations
Los Santos Police Department
Michael S.

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