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Community Helpers Hand Book

Post by Michael S. on Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:59 pm

Community Helper Handbook

Introduction & The Chain of Command -

This handbook explains the roles of a Helper, Senior, & Head Helper. Being a helper is quite simple but requires good knowledge about the server and the game in general as well as general command basics. If you have any questions, follow the chain of command and contact people in the following order:

You should never break the Chain of Command, unless under dire circumstances. If found breaching the chain of command unnecessarily, you will be punished accordingly.

Helper's On Duty / Team-Speak -

All Helpers should be on Team-Speak when you are in the SAMP server (you may open another tab). Since you are a respected member of the community and looked up to by players, you should be following the rules of TeamSpeak and as well as following in-game rules. In order to allow the Help Desk to be a orderly place, you should pay close attention to the following:

Do not troll in the helper's lobby, or allow it. Contact a Community Advisor to handle the violator.
No music or singing in the helper's desk (soundboards included).
Do not mute your sound in the helper's desk.
Do not be AFK in the helper's desk.
You're free to chat with the other helpers, but be considerate to others.
You are allowed to have your microphone muted in the channel if you do not want to talk, but you are still expected to help.

Remember, you are expected to do around 15 requests (depending on your helper rank) every day. The more effort and detail you put into your request, the higher chances you'll have of being promoted.

While in the Helpers Desk, your name should be in the following format, no exemptions:

[JH-OC/EU/NA] Firstname Lastname
[SH-OC/EU/NA] Firstname Lastname

TeamSpeak Permissions -

In order to ensure our TeamSpeak Help related channels are professional and well moderated, the following is in effect:

Community Helper - Normal
Senior Helper - Channel Admin
Head Helper - Faction Channel Admin

You are not permitted to edit the Helper's Lobby. You are to only kick a player from the helper desk if he/she is disrupting/trolling the Community Helper Lobby.

Duties of a Community Helper -

Community Helper - Community Helpers are expected to do at least 15 requests per day. The main work of the Community Helpers is to do help request In-Game. However, more can be done such as assisting people in Teamspeak, on the forums and doing more requests then what is expected from you.

Senior Helper - Senior Helpers are expected to do at least 10 requests per day. Senior Helpers are also tasked with processing helper applications.

Head Helper - Head Helpers are expected to do at least 8 requests per day. Head Helpers are also tasked with processing applications and conducting interviews. They are on path to becoming a Community Advisor.

Complaints -

If you spot a helper breaking any rules, whether it be the ones stated above or any other rule the community has, you are to inform their direct supervisor: (Their Zone Senior Advisor). They will then take the relevant action and document it by emailing PR.

Name Changes / GTalk Changes -

If you change your name in-game or change your gtalk, you are required to post on the Name Change / Gtalk change thread with the information given to fill out.

Answering /newb & /hl questions -

You should always try and be as detailed as possible with your answers. Some things to note when you're answering questions:

You should always use proper grammar.
You should never use inappropriate language.
Never argue about anything in /hl or have general chats (exemptions apply) with other helpers in it.
Make sure to be respectful, truthful and polite and make players feel as welcome to the server as possible. Lead by example.
Do not warn people over /newb to stop abusing it (e.g: Don't - /newb Please use this chat only for scripting related questions), if they abuse it, report them to an advisor+ immediately.

Example 1: "How to get to the pizza boy job?"
Bad Answer: "It's in San Fierro, /service taxi if you're lost!"
Good Answer: "It's located at Pier 69 in San Fierro, northwest of SFPD. Use /service taxi to get there and when you're there, /join at the job icon."

Example 2: "What is DM?"
Bad Answer: "Deathmatching"
Good Answer: "Deathmatching is killing another player without RP reason. It is a severe server offense that is punishable."

Kicking / Banning from /hl -

You should always request the player to stop doing unnecessary things (such as Spamming, Trolling, Chit Chat, etc.). If they fail to stop, /hl kick them. If they come back and continue, /hlban them. Abusing these functions will result in your removal from the helper team.

Things you should not do -

Don't kick or ban anyone from the Helper Channel without PROPER reason.
Don't go AFK while being in the Helper's On-Duty channel.
Don't mute your speakers while being in the Helper's On-Duty channel.
Don't be a nuisance to others while on the On-Duty channel.
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